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"The problem begins with the connection between them",2013
installation, "Readymade Centennial", Haifa Museum of Art,
Curator: Ruti Direktor 
The work deals with the summary of a lecture at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design by the late Professor Mordechai (Moti) Omer, which focused on the concept of "readymade" and Marcel Duchamp, and included the original binder of study materials as an example of readymade and a series of drawings; and an original text affixed to pages from Duchamp's book; the work takes a critical, retrospective look at the lecture as an inauguration ceremony and introduction via text to the language of art and the power struggles within it.


"He wanted me to spin the wheel, I didn't want to

He told me to sit on the stool and put the wheel rod between my legs

He said that his readymade was the best thing that he could give me

I didn't want him to give me those things…"

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