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Artist Statement


An active artist since 1990, my oeuvre ranges between painting, drawing, installation, writing and book making. Concerned with issues of identity, gender and trauma, I work with and through a feminist critique: exploring silenced social narratives expunged from the main account of history.

Many of my work processes are ongoing, cumulative. I draw and write daily in notebooks and sketchbooks: thoughts, observations, and images, including events mitigated by screens and social media. I use the line as a way to highlight the unspeakable subtext of my chosen imagery. Together, these form a personal database to which I return to, work and re-work across methods and mediums. 

Painting was my first chosen medium, training traditionally, I work in oil on canvas. In my paintings I address the female body, or segments of it, in both abstract and figurative imagery infusing the works with my own embodied experience. 

Over the last decade, the making of artist books has become a central part of my practice, which I treat as art-objects in and onto themselves. As a writer, I explore the limits of traditional genres of storytelling: expanding, bending and stretching the possibilities of narrative. I form my books by joining together pre-existing text and imagery, through a process of “disconnected editing”. There is no attempt to illustrate one with the other, instead, it is the Caesura (Bion) existing in the midst of their convergence which brings forward a new kind of engagement. 

Working with all my existing mediums, bringing together pieces from different times and places, I act as the author, curator and editor of my own narrative, researching the possibilities of constructing a new syntax. In this, I found editing to be a key tactic, which I employ for the creation of both my exhibitions and artist books.



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