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Artist Statement


At the moment I engage in drawing on paper and site specific installations that incorporate images and stories I write. I explore the connection between the physical and narrative dimension and raise questions concerning issues of identity, gender and trauma.

The artistic act employs personal and intimate work practices derived from the outlook that "the personal is political". My aim is to touch on the "silenced". Through looking at journalistic and media materials, there is an examination of cultural representations and their interpretation.

The current work process is based on historical and artistic research that explores a particular period in the history of art through dialogue with the works created in a specific time and place.

On the whole it is possible to trace two axes that feed off one another  simultaneously in my art. The first is a material, visual, sensual and emotional layer that raises formalist questions, the second layer is conceptual, critical and strives to raise questions about the artistic discourse and the art world.


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