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"In Recent Months", 2023, Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, Solo Exhibition as part of the exhibition cluster: Where Do We Stand?, Hamiffal Gallery, Jerusalem
Curator:  Avital Wexler

Merav Shinn Ben=Alon examines the shifts and layers between the hand which draws succinctly, with control and intelligence; and the hand that paints and stains the canvas which gapes and bleeds, extracting from it changing, loaded images.

A dialogue between drawing and painting examines the relationship between the mediums, not only as different forms of action or as separate visual languages, but also as movements of the soul 

between the conscious and revealed and the silent and concealed, between the beautiful and the wounded, and between the planned and haphazard.


All these eco the exhibition space, which contains the stains of the past, scraps of painting for preservation and the decorated floor tiles, which hint at memories of previous life in the building, between the white wall and the contemporary layer occurring within it.

Curator's text-"In Recent Months" (H A E)
Curator's text-Where Do We Stand? (H A E)
The Jerusalem Post, Barry Davis, 2.9.23

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