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Five Legs

An Artist's Book / Graphic Novella

By Merav Shinn Ben-Alon 


Graphic Design and Production: Michal Shapira

Text Editing and Afterword: Shoham Smith

English Version and Editing: Gilah Kahn-Hoffmann

Hebrew Editing: Ruti Klein

Consultant: Dana Gillerman

Photography and Photo Adaptation to Print: ArtScan

Pre-Press and Printing: A.R. Printing Ltd.

with the support of:

The Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts

The Foundation for Independent Artists Established by the Ministry of Culture and Sport

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להזמנת ספר

לכתבה ב'סוכן תרבות' עם קובי מידן

לראיון ב'מה שכרוך' עם יובל אביבי ומיה סלע

לראיון ב'מעלעלת' עם שירז גרינבאום

לטקסט של שהם סמיט על הספר

'Drawings from a Polygraph'- Five Comments about Five Legs -  Shoham Smith


dBook by Merav Shinn Ben-Alon 

Drawings 2013-2014


The book’s name dBook stands for drawing book/dairy book/daily book, while in Hebrew it refers to ‘dybbuk’ (a malicious possessing spirit in Jewish folklore), an obsession.

This booklet, measuring 15x10 cm, is of the same size as my sketchbooks, with which I work on a daily basis. It includes 50 selected drawings printed on three types of paper, one of which is half-transparent pergament paper thus allowing the viewer to play with the drawings’ arrangement. In this manner, the book preserves the eclectic contemplative nature of the original sketchbooks, which do not generate a homogenous narrative, but rather a mundane, diary-like, experience of life.

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Time Out Recommendation about dBook

120 NIS

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Exhibition Catalogue

by Ram Samocha & Merav Shinn Ben-Alon,

Museum of Art, Ein Harod 2003


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80 NIS

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